• Is the property constructed prior to 1997?
  • Has there been any major renovations to the property since 1997?
  • Are smoke alarms present?
  • Are they photoelectric or ionization type?
  • Do they meet Australian Standard 3786?
  • Are they still under warranty?
  • Are they still within their manufacture recommended lifespan?
  • Is there one on each level of living?
  • Are they located in dead air space?
  • Are they free from possible smoke obstruction?
  • Are they in the path of turbulent air?
  • Are they securely fastened?
  • Are they dual power or stand alone 9v?
  • Does the battery have sufficient power remaining?
  • Does the test facility work on the smoke alarm?
  • Are the air entrainment ports free from dust and debris?
  • Are the air entrainment ports free from dust and debris?
  • Has the smoke alarm been tampered with?
  • Has the smoke alarm been painted over?
  • Is the smoke alarm damaged?
  • Is the audible alarm loud enough to meet Australian Standards?
  • Replace 9V battery if necessary
  • Compliance certificate issued if your property meets legislative requirements.

Do you have special fire protection requirements?

At Pacific Smoke Alarms we understand that not all properties are the same. Our personalized service defies the ‘one size fits all’ approach. If your property has a specific fire protection requirement such as hearing impaired requirements or specific flammability risks, we would be glad to meet with you and provide a solution to your individual needs.

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