Why can’t I manage my own smoke alarms?

You can! As the lessor of a rental property you are responsible for the annual maintenance of smoke alarms including battery replacement at the start of a new lease or the renewal of an existing lease, cleaning, inspection for damage, validity of alarm based on AS 3786 and the replacement of any smoke alarms that are faulty, damaged or at the end of their lifespan. As the landlord, you are well within your rights to accept this responsibility and undertake your own smoke alarm maintenance.

At Pacific Smoke Alarms Qld, we take pride in knowing that we are helping to keep safe life and property through the extensive service we offer. An important component of our service is a practical understanding of the smoke alarms we use and more importantly the behaviour of smoke during a developing fire. We believe that it is this working knowledge of fire conditions that separates us from the rest.

What’s the difference between photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms?

Essentially, ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms do the same thing; they detect smoke in the atmosphere and alert us of its presence. Its how they do it that separates them.

An ionisation smoke alarm compliance uses radioactive material to detect the smoke and is best suited to fast flaming fires that might occur due to cooking in the kitchen. These types of fires generally occur with people present and action can be taken to put the fire out quickly. However, this makes them susceptible to nuisance alarms due to cooking and may be slow to respond to smouldering fires.

A photoelectric smoke alarm compliance does not contain any radioactive material, uses beams of light to detect the smoke and is best suited to smouldering fires that are the cause of most house fires resulting in loss of life and property. Smouldering fires slowly fill a confined space with toxic smoke (Eg: from foam filled furnishings and PVC wiring) and may occur due to electrical malfunction while you sleep. A correctly positioned and well maintained photoelectric smoke alarm will provide early warning of these fires allowing time to escape the fire and minimizing property damage.

Who is ultimately responsible for smoke alarms in my property?

As the landlord or lessor of your property, YOU ARE! However, you do have the option of engaging a smoke alarm service provider who will assume that responsibility on your behalf. At Pacific Smoke Alarms we enjoy providing a service that helps to keep your tenants and your property safe from the devastating effects of a house fire. By allowing us to assume the responsibility of smoke alarm maintenance in your property, you can rest assured that your smoke alarms will be periodically maintained in accordance with the Fire and Rescue Services Act 1990, Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 and the Building Code of Australia.

Won’t my body corporate or property manager take care of that?

Perhaps the best answer to this question is to pose another.

“Why doesn’t my property manager fix my leaky tap?”

Smoke alarm management has become a specialist industry since the introduction of legislative requirements. Our specialist service eases the burden on both landlord and agent by absorbing the responsibility of smoke alarm maintenance. Backed by a nationally recognized qualification and a working knowledge of smoke behaviour during a developing fire, Pacific Smoke Alarms Qld can help to protect your asset and allow your property management to run smoother.

How long will my smoke alarms last?

Queensland Fire and Rescue Service recommends that smoke alarms be replaced prior to the end of its service life. The Australian Standard requires that smoke alarms have a recommended service life of 10 years under normal conditions of use. The majority of quality smoke alarms on the market carry a 5yr warranty. When you engage the services of Pacific Smoke Alarms you can be assured that the smoke alarms protecting your property will be replaced as required under our Fixed Price Annual Plan at no extra cost to you.

How do I know which smoke alarms are best suited to my property?

With the number of smoke alarms on the market it can be confusing as to which product will provide the best protection for your asset and its occupants. The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service recommends the installation of photoelectric smoke alarms as they provide the best protection for the majority of situations. Our 22 Point Smoke Alarm Health Check will ensure your property is compliant to the standards set out in all current legislation. At Pacific Smoke Alarms, we adopt a personalized service based on years of experience in the firefighting industry. We believe that it is this working knowledge of fire conditions and smoke behaviour that separates us from the rest.

How will I know the service has been done?

Pacific Smoke Alarms makes every endeavour to provide a smooth and simple approach to smoke alarm management for landlords and agents. We have collaborated with property managers across South East Queensland to develop our unique web-based e-Reporting system. This technology allows us to instantly send you your Compliance Report upon completion of any inspection of, or works carried out at your property.


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